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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is envisioning a desired future & translating this vision into broadly defined goals achievable through social media platforms.

Royal Ads Agency specialized team will implement the following:

  • Understand the brand , marketing strategies and core direction.

  • Create social media objectives and KPI's.
  • Analyze social media channels relevant for the brand - Social Media      Audit.
  • Study competitors market leaders and client - online & offline         executions.
  • Create Profiles, voices & tone, & Posting Strategy (Themes).
  • Create a content plan that aligns with marketing calendars.

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    Social Media Monitoring

    This however, is the active monitoring of social media channels for information about a company or an organisation.

    Several different providers have created tools to facilitate the monitoring of a variety of social media channels from blogging to internet video to internet forums.

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    Social Media AD Managment

    Social Media Advertising is no longer an option. It's a must.This process involves making many layered decisions including the developing advertising strategies, setting an advertising budget, setting advertising objectives, determining the target market and media strategy.

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    Content Management

    While an image gets people to pause and look, a rich context gives it value to respond, interact or share.

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    Community Management

    While an image gets people to pause and look, a rich context gives it value to respond, interact or share.

    Royal Ads Agency team is your voice on social media building relation ships, interacting and helping customers, managing content, maintaining the brand's online personality and ensuring the page is the perfect representation of the brand.

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    Performance Reporting

    Measuring performance is vital to weight strong elements versus those weaker ones.

    With an option to opt for basic or advanced reports, Royal Ads Agency provides brands with relevant information on their pages performance & growth, which would include

  • Fan Base Growth
  • Engagment Levels
  • Community Management
  • Audience Activity
  • Response Times
  • Lead Conversions
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    Interactive Campaigns

    Campaigns that are posted to promote an offer, drive engagment and / or boost brand Awareness. Social Media Platforms has several ways of promoting a brand. Royal Ads Agency team will recommend both a media buying budget and the advertising options that are most relevant to the objectives.

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    Influencer Marketing Agency Services

    This type of paid advertising is effective for branding-based and direct-response initiatives, and can take the form of paid sponsorships, product placement, and sponsored content across all social media channels.

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    Graphic Design

    Graphic design is art with a purpose. It involves a creative andbsystematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives, with the use of images, symbols or even words.

    It is visual communication and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools.

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    Photo/Videography Sessions

    Social Media is becoming unceasingly visual, with brands turning to photos and videos to tell their stories. Royal Ads Agencyboffers two kinds of photography services.

    Full photoshoot sessions for an entire library of imagery for the brands, over several hours at a time.

    Regular photography sessions for personalized page content. These images would focus on a few main aspects or products for upcoming events, locations, etc.

    As for a videography session, we will ensure that webcapture all the needed fotage to create the perfect content for your brand.

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    Social Listening

    By listening to the market vibe towards your brand. Royal team monitors sentiment of people towards the brand, the findings are then analyzed by our team to extract accurate tones and meanings. This practice aids in stratetic planning.

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